Staff Fire Safety Training is a legal requirement for all commercial premises

Proper training makes everyone aware of potential fire hazards, and creates a skilled team who are able to react confidently in the event of a fire, potentially saving lives and costly fire damage.

The Fire Safety (Scotland) Act 2006 states that you must provide training for your employees, relevant to their situation. We can provide a range of fire safety training courses tailored specifically to your business and your premises. These can be carried out on or off-site. Our training courses are designed and delivered by our fire safety consultants who have many years of direct experience in fire safety management and training.

Our general fire safety training programmes can be a combination of practical and knowledge-based activities that cover:

  • The chemistry of fire
  • Contacting the fire service
  • The behaviour of fire
  • Types, classifications and use of fire extinguishers
  • Fire Prevention
  • General fire precautions
  • Fire procedures – specific to the employee’s environment if available

Training can include evacuation drills and fire extinguisher practical training if required, up to 20 people can take part.