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CDM Site Services

Nobody expects a fire to break out on their premises, and it’s not always easy to spot where a fire could start.

Principal Designers, Principal Contractors and Clients will need a support mechanism in place to meet their obligations under the new CDM 2015 regulations. All of you will get the support you need from SMS Alba Ltd as we give due consideration to the health and safety of those who build and maintain the structure.

You will save time because SMS Alba Ltd will ensure that you become and remain compliant under the new regulations, so that CDM duty holders can focus on their primary roles.

We do this by providing the following services:

Advise the ‘Project Team’ on the responsibilities placed on the duty holders – Client, Principal Designer, Designers, Principal Contractor and Contractors
Assist with preparation of the Pre-Construction Information Pack
Coordinate the risk assessment process during the design stage
Aid in the appointment of competent and best qualified suppliers, Designers and Contractors
Assist with preparation of the Health and Safety file
Advise on the suitability of project documentation
Ensure that the HSE is notified as required
Ensure compliance with all current Health, Safety and Environmental legislation throughout the project.

Principle Designer Role

SMS Alba Ltd partners with Architects to become the Health and Safety Advisor to the Principal Designer. The vast majority of construction projects that SMS Alba LTD has already completed are for Domestic and Small Business clients.

Together this partnership fulfills the Role of Principal Designer as set out in the CDM 2015 regulations.

Principal Designer Role
A principal designer must be a designer as defined by the regulations and must be able to demonstrate they have the health and safety skills, knowledge, and experience (SKE), and where they are an organisation, the organisational capability, to carry out the work they are being appointed for. The level of SKE should be proportionate to the complexity of the project and the range and nature of the risks involved.

This will involve having:

The technical knowledge of the construction industry relevant to the project
The ability to understand, manage and coordinate the pre-construction phase (including ensuring that significant and foreseeable risks are managed through the design process) and any design work carried out after construction begins.

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