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Fire Risk Assessment

Nobody expects a fire to break out on their premises, and it’s not always easy to spot where a fire could start.

Our risk assessment will make sure you comply with the current laws and regulations to:

Identify hazards
Identify those at risk
Evaluate, remove or reduce the risk
Record, plan, and inform actions
Review and update fire safety systems

When carried out properly, a Fire Risk Assessment will identify the potential risks for a fire in your premises and create a plan of action for reducing that risk. With our specialist knowledge and experience you’re not only reducing the likelihood of a fire, but you’re reducing the potential risk to life, injury to employees and damage it could cause to your premises, in turn, reducing your insurance and legal costs.

Emergency Evacuation Plans

An Emergency Evacuation Plan is a legal requirement for all commercial premises.

Your priority is the safety of your staff and a clear, precise and up-to-date Emergency Evacuation Plan is half the battle.

It is essential to any fire safety planning. It is the document that states the procedures that are to be taken in case of fire in the workplace and is used to train and instruct Fire Wardens and employees on what they should do should a fire break out.

The Fire Safety (Scotland) Act 2006 requires that when a Fire Risk Assessment has been carried out an Emergency Evacuation Plan is prepared and kept available for employees. By doing this we will make sure you comply with the current laws and regulations.

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Fire Safety Training

Staff Fire Safety Training is a legal requirement for all commercial premises

Proper training makes everyone aware of potential fire hazards, and creates a skilled team who are able to react confidently in the event of a fire, potentially saving lives and costly fire damage.

The Fire Safety (Scotland) Act 2006 states that you must provide training for your employees, relevant to their situation. We can provide a range of fire safety training courses tailored specifically to your business and your premises. These can be carried out on or off-site. Our training courses are designed and delivered by our fire safety consultants who have many years of direct experience in fire safety management and training.

Our general fire safety training programmes can be a combination of practical and knowledge-based activities that cover:

The chemistry of fire
Contacting the fire service
The behaviour of fire
Record, plan, and inform actions
Types, classifications and use of fire extinguishers
Fire Prevention
General fire precautions
Fire procedures – specific to the employee’s environment if available

Training can include evacuation drills and fire extinguisher practical training if required, up to 20 people can take part.

We also offer Fire door inspections & Air bnb fire assessments


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